• Arp ISD Facility Policy

    Board Adopted: 09/13/2004

    Non-profit organizations whose primary purpose is to benefit the local community through environmental, educational, social, or community service activities may apply to use of Arp ISD facilities.

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    The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the making of agreements for the use of the Arp School facilities by organizations or individuals in cases where the proposed use is compatible with the mission and policies of the school and does not interfere with normal school requirements. It is intended that these guidelines permit a degree of flexibility for the Facilities Committee, while at the same time demanding that those involved in formalizing agreements exercise responsibility in order to protect the legal and other interests of the school.



    CATEGORY 1. “Arp Internal” events are those events, other than classroom sessions for approved courses, in which Arp faculty, staff and/or students are a significant portion of the participants. For these events, there is no cleaning fee, if the event is on a weekday. For Arp Internal events held on weekends, a cleaning fee will be applied.

    CATEGORY 2. “Arp Hosted” events are those that are sponsored by a unit of the School, including UIL Events, that include significant participation from outside Arp Schools. The “Arp Hosted” rates are for cleaning fees and maintenance expenses.

    Events to be identified as “Arp Internal” or “Arp Hosted” must be acknowledged by the relevant department, faculty group or program office within the School. All “Arp Internal” and “Arp Hosted” events must have a budget chart to which extraordinary cleaning or damage charges can be made. “Arp Internal” groups are expected to return the facility to its normal condition when finished with their events.

    CATEGORY 3. “Other Arp/Non-Profit” events are those organized by units of Arp Community (outside Arp Schools), which do not include significant participation by Arp students or for events organized by outside non-profit organizations that hold events at the School. Category 3 events can be charged for facility use, technical support, maintenance, and cleaning fees.

    CATEGORY 4. “Corporate/for profit” events are those organized by for-profit businesses that hold events at the School. Category 4 events are required to pay all fees and must be approved unanimously by the facilities committee.

    Waivers of fees may be extended to functions hosted by the Superintendent of the Arp Schools.

    FACILITIES COMMITTEE: Members of the facilities approval committee are: Superintendent of the Arp Schools, Arp High School Principal, Arp Junior High Principal, Arp Elementary Principal, Athletic Director, Director of Maintenance, Director of Technical Support. A designated representative of the Facilities Committee must be present at all events held at Arp School venues.

    All requests to schedule the Arp School facilities shall be made using the Facilities Request Form found at: https://sites.google.com/a/arpisd.org/facilities/ .

    A complete description of the planned event shall be provided to the Facilities Committee by completing the Facilities Request Form. If the committee determines that event requires technical support or security, the requester must discuss these needs with the committee. The Technical Support Director will make the necessary arrangements for all equipment specific to the auditorium and will assist the sponsor in determining the fees, if applicable.

    The Facilities Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to any request or vendor who has violated guidelines in the past.

    Upon approval, copies of the reservation will appear in the Facilities Spreadsheet found at: http://www.arp.sprnet.org/database/facilities/Calendar/calendar.htm .

    It is the responsibility of the requester making the reservation to ensure that these guidelines are strictly observed and properly disseminated to all members, volunteers, performers, and guests.

    PRIORITY: Internal groups will have priority in the reservation and use of all facilities. Hosted groups will have secondary priority and other groups will be granted space when and if facilities are available and all members of the Facility Committee are in agreement.

    EXCLUSIONS: All groups are encouraged to utilize facilities on campus whenever possible, but the use of facilities generally will be constrained or prohibited for groups whose presence would pose a threat to the safety of the school or community, or for activities that are wholly commercial or for private gain.

    ACCESS to FACILITIES: All parties and their representatives or vendors may have access to the building during business hours within 24 hours of their event with the approval from the Facilities Committee. Typically, doors will open 60 minutes prior to the scheduled event start time.


    ALL ADVERTISING must be approved by the Campus Administrator prior to publication.

    ALL ROYALTIES due on performances not covered by the Arp School's current agreements with music licensing houses are the responsibility of the requestor.

    CANCELLATIONS of events due to circumstances beyond the control of Arp ISD (such as weather) or because of the violation of school policy are not the responsibility of the district. Cancellations must be communicated (in writing) to the Facilities Committee not less than 4 business days before the scheduled event. The requestor will be charged for all expenses incurred by the Facilities Committee as a result of any cancellations. Most services can be cancelled 4 business days prior to the event. Failure to cancel events with 4 business days notice may result in a service fee.

    BEFORE AND AFTER THE EVENT a representative of the client and a representative approved by the Facilities Committee will be on duty to conduct an inspection of the facility. Any damages not reported to the Facilities Committee prior to the event will be charged to the clients.

    SECURITY is assigned at the discretion of the School Safety Officer and the Administration.


    BEHAVIOR: We strongly encourage guest participation and enthusiasm at all of our events. However, guests may not offend others or be unreasonably abusive to other guests, players, or staff. Guests who engage in disruptive or abusive behavior will be subject to eviction or arrest.

    • Carry in Items
      • Laser pens: Any type of laser pens or laser object is prohibited in the Arp School Facilities. Any such device is dangerous to your fellow Guest, Athlete, and Artist you come to see. Any fan found carrying such an object is subject to dismissal from the building, as well as confiscation of the object. In addition, any delays created by the use of such object by a fan can result in cancellations and penalties to the home team or production.
      • Prohibited Carry-ins: Bottles, cans, food, coolers, back packs, Frisbees, beach balls, noise devices, fireworks, illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, weapons and dangerous devices of any type are prohibited in all Arp school venues.
      • Cameras and Video: The use of video or audio recorders is limited to still cameras without flash, or with the ability to turn off the flash, and with lenses that are 90mm or less. Shooting areas are limited to your ticketed seat or designated filming areas. Camera policies may vary according to the events, due to the requirements of a particular show or event (Ex: UIL One Act Play).
      • Searches: All patrons, employees, and entertainers will be subject to a search of personal belongings. Anyone that refuses to turn over unauthorized items, or refuses to be searched, will not be allowed access to the Arp School venues.
      • Throwing Objects: For the safety of all, patrons must refrain from throwing any objects in the stands, onto the playing surface, seating areas, or stage. Patrons who do not comply will be ejected from the facility, and subject to arrest.
      • Disorderly Conduct: Guests who fail to abide by the Arp Schools policies along with state and federal law are subject to ejection and or arrest. Any guest who is violating these policies will be asked to correct their behavior, if they fail to do so in a timely manner ejection or arrest will occur. Individuals who have been ejected must vacate the property or be subject to arrest on trespassing charges. Any attempts at re-entry will result in arrest for trespassing.
      • No food or Beverages: Guests may not bring food and beverages into indoor venues at the Arp Schools.
      • Guest Appearance: Guests entering Arp School venues must be properly attired with shoes and a shirt.
      • Intoxicated Guest: Any guest appearing to be intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, or any illegal substance will not be admitted into any event at the Arp Schools. Any guest, who is deemed to be under the influence, will be turned over to the Security Officer and subject to ejection from the event, or arrest.


    MEDICAL EMERGENCY: If you or another guest needs medical attention, please alert a member of the Arp Schools. All facility phones are capable of dialing (9) 911. The public will not have access to internal phones. However, school personnel will have access to internal phones.

    FACILITY SET UP is provided by the Facilities Committee from information provided on this form. Tables and chairs can be provided. Tablecloths/covers are not provided but it is recommended that the requestor consider obtaining them. A diagram must be attached to the reservation form to depict the desired set-up.

    • Facility Staffing Fees: For Category 3 & 4 Events there may be a management fee of $30.00 per hour when required to be present after 5:pm on weekdays and weekends. These fees cover the extra maintenance and technician expenses for major events. (For additional Fees – See Appendix)

    CATERING for any event is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Contact the caterer of your choice directly. No food or drink is allowed in the Arp High School inside venues unless previously approved (Ex: Elementary Cafetorium). The sponsor must enforce this regulation.

    • Food or beverages served or catered by the requester must follow state and federal health regulations and codes. The district is not responsible for miss-handling of catered food or its consequences.


    RESTROOMS: There are restrooms located throughout the Arp School venues. The requester is responsible for monitoring and reporting any misuse of facilities. The restroom/dressing rooms behind the high school auditorium are not to be used or unlocked except during performances.

    SAFE-SCHOOL POLICY Individuals planning events should be thoroughly familiar with the State of Texas as well as the Arp School’s non-alcohol, drugs, tobacco and fire-arm policies and will be held accountable for implementing and enforcing them throughout the event.

    • Door Control and Security: These services will be provided by either representatives of the Facilities Committee OR the requester as agreed upon at time of application. Door control and security staff members are to remain until the facility is cleared of customers and guests; guests and members may stay until their aftercare tasks are done.
    • Start and End of an event must be predetermined and agreed by both the organizer(s) and the Facilities Committee and must be adhered to.
    • The facility shall only be used for the purpose stated on the Facility Request Form. Any illegal activity found to be occurring will result in immediate cessation of the event, loss of fees, and notification of law enforcement personnel.
    • The Arp administration or their designee reserves the right to cause a cessation of any event at any time. The Facility Requester will have no cause to request refund or compensation.
    • The Facility Requester acknowledges that the use of the facility is subject to all Smith County, State of Texas, and Federal laws and regulations.

    SMOKING and all tobacco products (dipping, chewing and spitting) are expressly prohibited anywhere on any of the Arp School Campuses. Strict penalties will be enforced.

    THE SECURITY OF ANY EQUIPMENT brought into Auditorium or campus facilities by the requestor is not the responsibility of the Arp Schools or the Facilities Committee. Organizations should not leave equipment in or around the facility overnight or after the event. The requestor assumes sole responsibility for any equipment stored in or around the facility overnight or after the event. Arp School District is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

    FIRE SAFETY REGULATIONS and School policies require the client to ensure that all fire exits are clear and remain accessible. Prior to each event, the client is required to make an announcement informing the audiences of the emergency exit procedures.

    • Due to safety regulations, no fires, burning materials, explosives, candles or other open flames are permitted in the building, with the exception of small candles or similar items used for keeping food warm.
    • Use of any machine or device to produce smoke, fog, steam, or mist for prop, decoration, or any other purposes is prohibited inside of buildings.
    • Flammable natural materials, i.e., bales of hay, fried corn stalks, etc. cannot be used for prop or decoration.
    • For safety reasons, guests, requester, or vendors will avoid blocking corridors, exit doors, fire escape routes, aisles or wheel chair access ramps.
    • Audio/video equipment lighting, or sound equipment must be kept out of aisle ways and of the areas designated for patrons using wheelchairs. Exit signs may not be turned off, covered, or removed or altered in any way. All scenery, props, or other objects must not block exits while facility is occupied.
    • Wheelchair-accessible spaces and seating designated for the handicapped must be held for physically-challenged patrons.
    • All guests, requester, and vendors will comply with all applicable statues, regulations and by-laws whether federal, state, county or municipal, including fire regulations.

    A DAMAGE DEPOSIT may be required at the discretion of the Facilities Committee and Administration.

    • Liability: The sponsoring organization utilizing a facility is responsible for:
      • Any damage to the building, equipment, and/or furnishings caused by persons attending the event
      • Enforcing all guidelines
      • Restoring the facilities, contents, and furnishings to their original state after the event.
      • Requester shall be liable for any damages occurring before, during, and after the event if deemed to be a consequence of the event.
      • No animals except seeing-eye dogs are to be brought in by guests anytime during an event, except with prior written permission.
      • See Appendix for Auditorium Usage Policy Checklist


    CLEAN UP is the obligation of the requester. All areas must be cleaned of loose debris or garbage, removing left over food, return tables and chairs or other borrowed items to their assigned areas, clearing all back stage areas, and removing non-district equipment. Any equipment or other items left in the facility become the property of the Arp District. A charge to cover all the labor costs to restore the area will be assessed if this obligation is not met.

    • Strike Time: Usage time includes all set-up and strike time. Please be sure to adhere to all times agreed upon through the Facilities Committee.

    PROPS, DECORATIONS AND SIGNS --Nothing may be nailed, tacked, screwed, stabled, suspended, hung or affixed in any way to the interior woodwork, walls, ceiling, curtains, or building surfaces of the Arp School Facilities. Banners must be draped on a table. Adhesives will cause damage to the wall and may result in charges.

    • The use of confetti and glitter is prohibited, due to the difficulty of cleaning. Any exception must be approved by the Facilities Committee.
    • No activity is allowed that would scuff or damage the wood floors of the Gymnasiums or Auditoriums.
    • Props: No construction or painting is allowed in the auditorium or on stage other than that which is required to install previously constructed scenery, properties, or lighting equipment onto the stage. When construction or painting is necessary, it must be done outside the building.
    • Only painters tape may be used on stage floor for marking.
    • Deliveries of scenery, lighting equipment, programs and musical instruments, such as pianos shall be made at the designated receiving door of the stage. The requester must arrange with the Facilities Committee designee to have all such equipment delivered at the time of facility use. The district will not be responsible for storing such equipment before or after the agreed facility use approved time.

    MAJOR EVENTS STAFFING: Major Events will charge a management fee of $30.00 per hour when required to be present after 5pm on weekdays and on weekends. Technical Services will determine charges for audio/visual technicians. Only authorized persons are allowed to operate sound and lighting in the control booth. A standard lighting set and audio mixer are provided on the stage for the requester’s use.

    LIABILITY: The sponsoring organization renting the facility is responsible for

    1. Any damage to the building, equipment, and/or furnishings caused by persons attending the event
    2. Enforcing all guidelines
    3. Restoring the facilities to their original state after the event
    4. The user is solely responsible for obtaining all licenses with regard to the use of copyrighted music, dramatic or other works in the rooms or facilities and the User shall immediately pay when due any and all royalties, permits, assessments and taxes that may imposed, fees and costs arising from the use of such works and from the use of any patented, trademarked, or franchised articles, devices or processes in or on the rooms or facilities.

    REFUSALS: Arp ISD reserves the right to refuse future rentals to organizations that do not comply with these policies.

    HOLD HARMLESS: The Requester agrees to hold Arp ISD, its representatives, employees and agents harmless against any and all claims, demands, actions, suits and costs arising out of any act or omission of the User and its employees and agents; from any and all loss of or damage to the space or to any property of the AISD contained in the space from any cause in any way connected with the use of the space by the User; reasonable wear and tear and damage by fire, explosion, lightning, or tempest only excepted.


    NO DISCRIMINATION: The Facility Requester agrees that there will be no discrimination in the use of this building regarding race, religion, sex, or nationality.

    QUESTIONS: All questions or concerns pertaining to reservations, use of facilities, or expenses charged for events and activities should be directed to the person responsible for the provision of service. If the issue cannot be resolved at that level, the question or concern should be referred to the planning organization or designee of the unit for review and resolution. Conflicts over scheduling and use that cannot be resolved by appropriate planning unit heads should be referred to the Facilities Committee.



    * Non-Arp Resident or For-Profit Rental Fee

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    A. Rental fee

    A fee charged for facilities use without direct connection to specific charges for recovery of reasonable and necessary expenses.


    B. Reasonable and Necessary Expenses

    Direct costs incurred to operate a facility for use of a group, e.g., expenses resulting from equipment use, staffing, set-up, clean-up, and damages.


    C. Damage Charges

    Charges to recover the cost of physical damage or loss (e.g., breakage, defacement, theft, normal usage, etc) resulting from use of facility.


    D. General Fund Building

    A building that is constructed, maintained, and equipped with state funds.


    E. Auxiliary Building

    A building that is constructed, maintained, and equipped with locally collected and administered funds, or a building identified as an auxiliary facility for purposes of this policy.


    F. Internal Group

    Groups recognized under the Arp School system of organizational structure and accountability (e.g. planning units and their departments, faculty, staff, student organizations).


    G. External Groups

    Any group or organization that does not fall under the Arp School organizational structure and accountability.