• Auditorium Procedures:

    (1) Fill out a Facilities Request

    (2) Read Facilities Policy & Fees: https://sites.google.com/a/arpisd.org/play/home-1

    (3) Read Auditorium Usage to all participating students & sponsors https://sites.google.com/a/arpisd.org/play/backstage

    (4) Download Auditorium Contract, sign and Fax or email back. https://sites.google.com/a/arpisd.org/play/contract

    (5) Auditorium Measurements & photos: https://sites.google.com/a/arpisd.org/play/photos_amenities

    Arp Auditorium Usage Policy

    No students are allowed in the auditorium unattended. There must be a sponsor (adult) with them at all times.

    No sitting on edge of the stage with feet hanging off. This scuffs up the white walls.

    No hanging anything on curtains, leaning scenery on curtains or tie back curtains.

    No jumping from the stage to the auditorium floor.

    No feet on the back of the auditorium seats.

    Do NOT scuff up the stage floor.


    Do not allow students to paint the scenery while it is on the stage.

    • Do NOT screw anything into the facility, attach anything to curtains, lean anything on curtains, tie back curtains, or open and close curtains with anything other than the proper designated pulley system.
    •  NO Student is allowed in the spot-light mezzanine above the control booth unless designated by Technology Director.
    •   Performers are to refrain from touching, bumping, pulling, or handling stage curtains. The curtains are to be gently drawn and retracted using the pulley system only.
    •  Performers are to refrain from scratching the stage floor. All furniture and props will be carried and not dragged across the floor.


    Backstage Policies:

    • • No food, candy, gum or drinks are allowed on the stage or in the auditorium.
    • • No smoking is permitted in the facility.
    • • No animals are allowed in the facility (except guide animals).
    • • Only trained/ authorized crew members may operate the control booth sound and lights systems. No visitors are allowed in the control booth.
    • • No tape/adhesives are to be used on the stage floor, seats, or painted surfaces in/outside the auditorium without the approval of the Technical Director.
    • • No screws, nails, etc. are to be driven in any part of the facility.
    • • No smoke machines/hazers shall be allowed without the permission of the Technical Support Director.
    • • The auditorium shall not open for your event until the Technical Director or Staff member responsible for the event has been notified. All setups and sound checks should be completed on time.
    • • The management reserves the right to control all sound usage and volumes for any event in the auditorium.
    • • No helium-filled balloons are allowed in the auditorium.
    • • All areas must be cleaned and restored to the approval of the Technical Director at the close of your event.
    • • Backstage Dressing Rooms will only be used during performances (NOT during practices). Commons Restrooms will be used at all other times.

     For non-school users:

    Use Fee includes: *Standard Light and Sound Package

    • • Staff Technical Director (8hrs/day) one mike and monitor with white light only
    • • Standard Light and Sound Package
    • • Dressing Room Facilities
    • • Tables and Chairs
    • • Lobby usage
    • • Piano
    • • Movie Screen

     Use Fee does not include:

    • • Additional Labor needed for the event as assigned by the Technical Support Director (will be determined during production meeting)
    • • Non-Standard Light and Sound Package
    • • Additional Equipment (projectors, laptop, etc.)
    • • Cost associated with the setup, labor, operation, or striking stage
    • • Follow spots and operators

     General Information:

    • • A production meeting with the Technical Director or Facility Manager is required for your event no later than one week prior to the event.
    • • The user as listed on the contract will have full control of the event unless someone else is designated. All changes in time, setups, etc. will only be executed upon their request.
    • • All state and local fire and safety codes, as well as OSHA regulations, must be followed for your event.

    • All changes made after the production meeting will only be executed with the agreement of the Technical Director.

     Date: _________ Signature of Sponsor/Requester: ______________________

    This signed permit is to be turned into the Technology Director before auditorium is used by the requesting group.